Career Opportunities in Embedded Systems

Before landing upon the opportunities in Embedded Systems, let us briefly hover over the definition of it.

The experts say while defining an embedded system that, ‘An electronic system can be called an embedded system if it enables a machine or device to perform fully automatic or semi-automatic tasks.’ For example, a washing machine can be put under the embedded systems category as it can be operated in automatic or semi-automatic manner.

With technology is getting advanced, the idea of automation of the system is widely preferred and accepted. The concepts of artificial intelligence and machine learning work in that direction. But they are on the software level. What about the hardware level? You realize the importance of embedded systems when you give a thought to this question.

The people who know about embedded system treat its designing as an art. An art of building things in a manner that would ease the work it is meant for and handy at the same time. Also, these two requirements should be fulfilled at the lowest cost possible. It then, would be accepted by the people.

Most of the embedded systems consist of three things:

  • Input Device
  • Microcontroller (Often honoured as the Brain)
  • Output Device

Input Device: It collects the information from the surroundings or the user. Sensors are the best example to describe it.

Microcontroller: It is the brain of the embedded system. Why do we call it so? Because it processes the data fetched from the input device and gives the instructions to the output device based on the code or logic is fit into it.

Output Device: It collects the instructions from the microcontroller and works accordingly.

So you see even in the hardware part, there exists something working softly – the microcontroller.

Based on the above three parts, we have below listed posts in embedded systems field:

  • Embedded Hardware Engineer
  • Software Test Engineer
  • Application Software Engineer
  • Marketing and Sales Executive

Although there many posts, these four are common in almost every sectors; whether in Space, Defence, Aerospace, Agriculture, Telecommunication, or Industrial Machines.